Community Dialogues: Tea Party with the Brazilian Educational & Cultural Centre

On Saturday 11th May, we hosted a bespoke tea party for the Brazilian Educational & Cultural Centre at Kew Gardens as part of the project ‘Community Dialogues’. The project aims to engage and bring together groups of different, diverse cultural backgrounds to creatively explore and exchange dialogues on edible plants. Our Brazilian tea party guests were a lively bunch with lots of stories to tell and yummy recipes to share! We looked in detail at four edible plants, these were; coffee, tea, chillies and cocoa, and of course these are grown directly at Kew Gardens. The group also talked of edible plants native to Brazil and other countries in South America, it was fascinating to hear about these plants and how they were eaten, and one only wished we could have had a taste!

We captured some lovely stories in our ‘Stories Studio, looking forward to editing the film that comes out of all of the tea parties. Here are some photos from the day.

(c) Photo credits: Mikey Knott


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