Welcome to Sadia’s Tea Party! Sadia’s tea parties are unique and dynamic experiences, hosted by artist and tea hostess Sadia Ur-Rehman in and around London.

Set as a travelling tea party or pop up tea salon, Sadia’s tea parties take you on an international journey, wandering through different lands as you immerse yourself in different tea customs and traditions. Sadia hosts an international series of tea parties where guests will be able to sample teas, rituals and traditions as far and wide from India, Persia, North Africa and the Far East. With an added twist, during Sadia’s tea party you will play traditional parlour games with a modern twist designed to get your guests talking and learning.

Whether it’s tea for 1 or 10,000, we will plan every microscopic detail of your event, to make it tailor made, specially designed to your needs, enabling you to indulge your every whim and create a truly distinctive and exceptional event.

We look forward to hearing from you.